10. Sep 2015

Strategic addition to the existing brand and product portfolio

The international lighting corporation Zumtobel Group has acquired a majority holding in UK lighting company ACDC LED Holdings Ltd (acdc). The company based in Barrowford/GB is an innovative supplier of high-end LED lighting solutions with a focus on the architectural façade and hospitality segments. ACDC started off its business with high brightness LED luminaires in 2001. In 2014 ACDC posted annual sales revenues of approximately 17 million euros with a current headcount of around 120 employees. This extremely dynamic enterprise exclusively develops and manufactures high-end LED luminaires in the international specification and project business and benefits from an excellent client network of lighting designers, architects and interior designers.

As a first step, the Zumtobel Group has acquired a majority shareholding of 60 per cent in ACDC lighting. An option to purchase the remaining shares exists as a second step. ACDC’s long term CEO and majority shareholder Gareth Frankland will continue to head the brand and drive forward its dynamic development within the Zumtobel Group.

The key markets for ACDC are currently their domestic UK market and the Middle East, along with a selective presence in other European countries and the USA. Huge growth potential exists for the ACDC brand, particularly with regard to marketing the ACDC product portfolio through the Zumtobel Group’s worldwide sales organisation, which currently encompasses around 1,750 sales staff within the lighting segment. The specialists from ACDC will play a key role in providing their expertise for their new colleagues.


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