07. Jan 2014

World Trade Center Memorial in New York City/US

World Trade Center Memorial in New York City/US

Photos: Ines Long, Archphoto

The World Trade Center Memorial in NYC, NY is designed to be the centrepiece of the new World Trade Center. The landscape architect, Peter Walker, and the architectural lighting designer, Paul Marantz, chose to work with Selux to create a lighting specifically for this eco-friendly public space.

The MTR column was designed to resemble the shape of the Twin Towers. These columns provide directional lighting capabilities and utilize glare free refractor technology for enhanced visual comfort of the many visitors who occupy the walkways and public plaza.

The Memorial Plaza was envisioned to be one of the most sustainable, green plazas ever constructed. The project is currently pursuing LEED Gold certification and is built to meet the requirements of both the New York State Executive Order 11 and the WTC Sustainable Design Guidelines, which promote environment-friendly practices. The MTR Columns were chosen for efficient and accommodating design, low energy, and high productivity.

Project team:

Architect: Handel Architects; Davis Brody Bond Architects
Lighting Designer: Fisher Marantz Stone
Landscape Architect: Peter Walker & Partners

Applied products:

MTR Column


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