24. Oct 2014

Light, sound and colour

Installation: Bruce Munro Studio
Photos: Mark Pickthall

In his book “Gifts of Unknown Things” Lyall Watson describes a young girl who had the gift of seeing sounds in colours. It was this book that inspired Bruce Munro’s “Water Towers” light art installation.

The 17 two-metre high “Water Towers” consist of stacked water bottles illuminated by optical fibres sourced by LED projectors. The water towers change colour in response to the music emanating from them, the soundtrack reflecting the musical diversity of many nations. The sounds are sometimes natural and sometimes mystical, giving rise to an unequalled, calming synaesthesia of light and sound.

Along with nine other works by the British artist, the “Water Towers” installation can be seen at the Hermitage Museum and Gardens in Norfolk, Virginia/USA until 10. January, 2015.

Bruce Munro is from Wiltshire in England. He is an installation artist who sees light as being the focus of his work. His art installations have been exhibited all over the world, including at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London und in the Guggenheim Museum in New York City.


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