29. Apr 2015

Exploring water

Photos: FG+SG Architectural Photography

The Water Museum in Lisbon/P, owned by EPAL (Empresa Pública das Águas Livres), is an educational and scientific space that encourages visitors to explore water and discover more about the water company’s history. The interior architecture is visually organised to resemble a water course, featuring organic forms and blue light in the exhibition display units. The layout of the space is literally reflected in the ceiling design which, coupled with the wall lighting makes for added dynamic quality and spatial depth.

The organically shaped blue translucent exhibition display units are backlit. These pick up the spatial language that communicates the sense of a flow of water along an imaginary stream. The subtle cove lighting between the suspended mirror ceiling and the walls makes for an impressive lighting detail, delivering bright ambient lighting with a soft haze effect.

The prime target group comprises students as well as primary and secondary school children. The height of the display units and the information on the walls is specifically geared to meet the needs of this audience. The organic forms and the diffuse cove lighting lend the space unique flair: architecture and light combined to create an exciting flow of information about water.

Project team:

Client: EPAL (Empresa Pública das Águas Livres)
Design: P-06-Atelier – Nuno Gusmão, Vanda Mota
Lighting solution: Exporlux


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