15. Jun 2015

Inspiration drawn from the northern lights

Photos: Tiina Törmänen

“We are such a small part of this universe,” writes Finnish photographer Tiina Törmänen. Through the combination of natural light and the exquisite addition of artificial light, this is exactly what she communicates in her series of photos entitled “Wanderer”. Placed in the middle of the vast, icy expanse that makes up Finnish Lapland the human being is visible but absolutely tiny. Magical natural spectacles give rise to a dreamlike, surreal backdrop of glowing saturated hues.

It is the photographer herself who is portrayed as a shadowy silhouette on the images. The dramatic surrounding landscape is shaped by the stunning array of northern lights across the star-studded sky. The photos focus on the relationship between the human subject and the surrounding environment.

The series of photos captures the astounding beauty of natural light in an impressive and endlessly inspiring way.


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