Project team:

Client: Norsk Skogmuseum, Elverum/N
Lighting design: Lorang Brendløkken, Hamar/N

05. May 2013

Norwegian woods
The “Pathways through nature” exhibition in The Norwegian Forest Museum in Elverum/N

Text: Sonja Kiekens
Photos: Arnfinn Johnsen, Halvor Gudim

Museum marketeers maintain that science museums tend to have the widest appeal. But why do people visit museums anyway when they can watch documentaries and nature films on the television or enter topics of interest in an Internet search engine? Is it the museum experience they are after? Perhaps they are looking for entertainment or a way to occupy the kids on a rainy afternoon. Perhaps they are lonely people who appreciate the social company. And then they are always the groups of lethargic schoolchildren who happen to be doing a project on a specific topic and the teacher likes a pro-active approach. The Norwegian Forest Museum in Elverum/N already has a nice name that appeals to natives of Norway and nature-loving tourists alike. But wait until you get inside. It gives “Norwegian Wood” a totally new meaning.

The “Pathways through nature” exhibition in The Norwegian Forest Museum in Elverum/N focuses on natural heritage, and reveals the diversity of nature and its abundant wildlife and gives visitors the opportunity to experience the past and present worlds of the fisherman and the hunter. The project covers more than 2000 square metres of the museum’s second floor. It is a celebration of the wonder of nature, and offers insight into the environmental challenges and conflicts faced by those responsible for the Norwegian countryside and ecosystem. The exhibition captures the attention of visitors of all ages, bringing them close to the creatures of the air and forests, whose habitat is the unadulterated wilderness of the Norwegian countryside, and encouraging them to experience the close ties between nature and social development.
The layout of the exhibition is designed to first introduce visitors to “ecology”. […]


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