01. Dec 2014

Energy consumption visualised through light

Sculpture design: 1024 architecture
Photos: Emmanuel Gabily

1024 Architecture, an interaction design studio based in Paris, have created a generative light sculpture which is built into the unique architecture of the Darwin Ecosystem Project’s green building in Bordeaux, France. The Vortex light sculpture is a live visualiser of energy consumption.

Merging organic materials (raw wood) with new technologies (12 LED strips), this hybrid artwork wraps around the footbridge that links the complex’s two buildings. Vortex breathes and emits pulses of light, created using 1024’s MadMapper software. It can be controlled via a joystick and the lighting effects synchronised with music. Thanks to the software, the sculpture can capture the energy consumption footprint of the Darwin Ecosystem Project building and convert it into data that is processed to spawn real-time visuals. Through light the sculpture appears to come alive: a visualisation of ecological awareness of a very special kind.


Vortex Illuminati Party – Darwin Eco Systeme from Gael Abegg Gauthey aka Lupin on Vimeo.

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