07. Jan 2014

Of light-emitting bodies and the work of Patrick Rochon

Photos: Patrick Rochon

Human bodies literally glow. This is because of the ultraweak photon emissions our bodies generate, which are known for the way they show changes in our energy metabolism as energy released in the form of light. With the aid of a highly sensitive imaging system, the so-called cryogen charge-coupled device (CCD) camera, scientists were able to prove that the human body emits direct and rhythmic light subject to the daily changes it undergoes.

But this high-tech camera is not the only system that can depict our body light. Canadian artist Patrick Rochon has focussed his work on making this light phenomenon visible for everyone. He calls himself “an artist of light”.

In complete darkness and with the shutter on the camera open, he moves lights on and around a subject using pen lights, flashlights or anything that emits light. For a single-take, exposure times can vary between one second to 30 minutes. Digital effects or subsequent photo manipulation are an absolute no-no.

“I mainly use photography and videos to capture the movement of light. I started painting with light in 1992, combined with photography (with long exposure times). In 1999 I started making videos and staging live performances with light”.

Patrick Rochon is continually on the look-out for the perfect moment when the flow of things comes together, that magical moment that astounds us all: “Light moves everywhere all the time. Our bodies emit light and express something subtle but important. We must see it and understand it. We must reveal its secrets and knowledge. I believe it is a key connected to our consciousness”.



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