Text: Dr. Karolina M. Zielinska-Dabkowska M.Sc. Arch.,
Dipl. Ing. Arch. (FH), Ph.D., architectural lighting designer and researcher

06. Jun 2014

The truth about Vitamin D and sun exposure
demystified Finding the balance for personal health

If you ask someone: “What is it most essential to have in life?” you will undoubtedly receive the response: “good health”. New findings in the medical field show that we need to review our commonly shared understanding of the fear of exposure to sunlight and its association with carcinogenesis (creation of cancer). There is a strong indication that inadequate levels of vitamin D in the human body can be the cause of some terminal illnesses and contribute to poor health.

Some people reading this article may ask themselves why an article on health-related aspects which are more likely to be addressed in a medical publication is included in a lighting design magazine. It is not quite as straightforward as that. Firstly, as professional lighting designers who plan with both artificial light and daylight, we should be capable of understanding certain interdependencies between sunlight and health. On the other hand, who is qualified to design safe, human-friendly daylit environments? The effect of light on humans is a crucial part of lighting design, which is becoming an increasingly more complex and interdisciplinary field. But who has the knowledge and tools to be able to handle such tasks? Medical doctors? Daylight engineers? Architects? Building engineers? Sustainability consultants? Thermal engineering consultants? Or maybe architectural lighting designers? Almost everyone, including myself in the past, has read something about vitamin D deficiency. More often than not, most of us believe that this problem only affects a small minority of people living in countries located in north, such as Iceland, Sweden, Finland or Norway. Far from it! […]


The full version of the article can be found in PLD No. 93

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