12. Feb 2016

Engrossing light and sound backdrop

Photos and sound: Biosphere – Geir Jenssen
Video-mapping: Initi – Dan Gregor, Dalibor Cée
Development: Martin Vacek, Josef Sedloň, Cyril Hořánek

The Planetarium in Stromovka Park in Prague/CZ is one of the largest in the world. Constellations of stars and planets, or a clear view of the night sky without light pollution, are portrayed in the domed hall. On the occasion of Festival Spectaculare 2015, a festival of music and art in the Czech capital, the starry sky projected onto the dome was turned into a series of alien landscapes, apocalyptic scenarios, and mythical creatures.


These were designed and realised by the Czech artists Dan Gregor and Dalibor Cée from Initi, a multidisciplinary artist collective, using video-mapping techniques in 4K resolution. Alien-sounding, ambient electronic music designed by the Norwegian musician Biosphere accompanied visitors on their one-hour long journey. The Planetarium installation engaged viewers through practically all their senses – from sight and sound to a sense of wonder.


Chukhung and Disparu – Biosphere at the Planetarium 8K from INITI – ex The Macula on Vimeo.

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