04. Sep 2014

ALDA starts to recruit members

The beginnings of the Asian Lighting Designers’ Association date back to 10. October, 2011 during the Asia Lighting Design Forum 2011, which was held in Beijing. The initiators were Chung Kangwha (Korea), Zhan Qingxuan (China), Satoshi Uchihara (Japan), JK Yao (Chinese Taipei), Tino Kwan (HKSAR) and Chou Lien (US).

On 30. July, 2012 ALDA was registered as a non-profit organization in accordance with the Societies Ordinance in Hong Kong.

Through a formal voting process, Motoko Ishii and Zhan Qingxuan were appointed Honorary Chairpersons of the Asian Lighting Designers’ Association, ALDA. Chung Kangwha was formally elected to be the first President of ALDA for a one-year term, with Tino Kwan and JK Yao as Vice Presidents, and Wu Gang as the General Secretary.

Since the founding of the association, ALDA has positively communicated with Asian lighting designers and obtained wide support and agreement. On 9. June, 2014 General Secretary Wu Gang, representing ALDA at the 2014 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, announced that the Asian Lighting Designers’ Association had now been officially launched and was starting to recruit members.

Contact: ALDAsecretariat@126.com

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