19. Oct 2015


A tableau of delicately coloured shadows

Installation: Adam Goodrum
Photo: Brooke Holm

What makes Unfolding, a series of transparent miniature houses designed by Sydney-based industrial designer Adam Goodrum, so unique are not the houses themselves but the tableau of delicate shadows reflected on the walls behind the installation.

Each of the translucent folding house structures is overlaid with dichroic film. HID projectors in discreet white boxes positioned on the floor in front of each house illuminate the houses, which in turn reflect a luminous array of colourful images across the gallery floor and walls.

Through the light, the installation unfolds its inherent hidden aesthetic – a mass of delicately coloured shadow images – and generates an inspiring atmosphere. Adam Goodrum was awarded the Rigg Design Preis 2015 for Unfolding, which is on display until 7. February, 2016 in the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in Melbourne/AUS.


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