20. May 2016

Introducing streets as outdoor corridors.

Text: Rouzana K. Kopti

The idea behind my Master thesis back in 2013 was to elaborate on the importance of lighting narrow streets in urban public spaces, which, unlike similar interior spaces such as ‘corridors’, often remain neglected. My vision was to redefine these outdoor spaces to create ‘outdoor corridors’. It is a while now since I graduated, but as time goes by and the more I travel and explore, the more I am convinced that the lighting of such spaces can make a major difference to the use and reputation of the urban realm.

My source of inspiration dates back to 2011 while working on my finalyear design project at the American University of Beirut. I chose to work on Hamra, an extremely compact neighbourhood located in the highly urbanised city of Beirut. Hamra today is such a densely built area that further expansion is impossible without demolishing existing structures to make space for newbuild projects. In Hamra there are no public open spaces or public parks left where people can relax and recuperate from their hectic daily lives. Having lived in this part of the city myself, I personally experienced the stress that the majority of Lebanese living in urban conglomerations has to cope with on a daily basis. […]


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