27. Aug 2014

 A three-pronged Pavilion that merges optical fibres,
reflective surfaces and advanced technical design

Lighting design: Arup – Tim Carr
Architects: AR-MA
Photos: Brett Boarmann

“Fugitive Structures” is an annual architectural design competition organised by the Sherman Contemporary Arts Foundation/AUS. The brief for this year’s competition was “to explore the potential of digital pre-fabrication”. The architects from AR-MA and lighting designer Tim Carr from Arup were awarded first prize in this year’s competition for their Trifolium pavilion. The project demonstrates digital pre-fabrication in detail: the organic pavilion is made up of unique geometrically shaped laser-cut pieces. Trifolium can be viewed from Wednesday to Saturday up to 13. December in the grounds of the Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation: 16-20 Goodhope Street, Paddington Sydney NSW 2021, Australia.

What is so special about this pavilion?
Trifolium comprises three curved vaults which come together in a continuous and seamless surface reminiscent of a cloverleaf. The three leaves are designed to divide the courtyard into smaller, more intimate spaces both within and outside the pavilion. Fabricated like a jewellery box, it made up of over three thousand unique parts designed to a tolerance of less than one millimetre. From the exterior, the self-supporting envelope is composed of 152 thermo-formed and CNC-cut Corian panels. The futuristic interior is clad with curved, black, mirror-polished stainless steel panels, the special feature being the 42 optical fibres cast into the concrete paving stones, which reflect infinitely around the glossy interior. As the visitor moves around the pavilion he is witness to ever-changing light and shadow effects and reflections of the interior space and the surroundings.

A reflective example of the advanced digital pre-fabrication of organic shapes – and light.


Products applied:

Roblon Endlight Fibre Optics 3mm

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