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Replacement for traditional light sources

Sylvania has launched the ToLEDo Retro range to replace traditional light sources. The new products include A60, Globe, ST64 and Candle lamps and the complete range has been designed to keep the look and feel of incandescent lamps while offering up to 90% energy savings. All lamps within the range are non-dimmable, backed by a three year warranty for complete peace of mind. Ideal for use in hotels, bars, restaurants and residential applications, the Sylvania ToLEDo Retro lamps have a high efficacy of up to 128 Lm/W, a wide beam angle of 300 degrees and with a 15,000 hour lifespan, these lamps offer a quick payback period.“

Sylvania will be introducing dimmable versions and other lamp types in 2015 with the aim of replacing all incandescent lamps with LED versions.

color temperature: 2700 Kelvin


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