30. Mar 2015

Minimalist display solution with pools of light

Installation and photos: Nendo

The design team from Nendo have designed new furnishings for a fashion goods display on the sixth-floor space in Tod’s store on Omotesando, in Tokyo /J. Besides providing space for a display for shoes and luxury leather goods made by the Italian fashion company, the hall can be used for a variety of functions including press conferences and special events. During the daytime, the space is flooded with daylight thanks to the generous glazing. After dark, light is focused on the minimalist display shelving to create subtle pools of light.

The shelving elements on which the shoes and handbags are presented comprise shiny steel frames and transparent panels. Mirrors were also used to reflect the exterior light and landscape and thus bring the outside world into the hall more vividly. In the evening HID projectors illuminate the frame-like furnishings reminiscent of the buildings visible outside. The otherwise empty space is re-shaped through the pools of light. Ceiling-recessed downlights softly wash the panorama windows and walls, and define the vertical surfaces.

The Omotesando building (Tod’s store) was designed by Toyo Ito in 2004. The design for the façade was inspired by the branches of trees.


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