18. Dec 2015

Tempus fugit – and sparkles!

Photos: ACT Lighting Design – Tomasz Kozak

In the western world Christmas is a time of year when people tend to relax, recap recent events, and allow themselves to lose track of time. Some will end up rushing round the shops in a last-minute effort to find gifts for friends and loved ones. Time is of the essence.

“Timeless Elegance” is a light art installation in Regent Street, London/UK. It was designed by the Belgian lighting design practice ACT Lighting Design and captures the idea of time, visualising it through light.


Large metal cogs and wheels are suspended above the street, each element transforming dynamically thanks to tailored video animations and projected light. The custom created combination of lighting effects and dynamic pixels is based on five different video storyboards.

Designed as an immersive experience, “Timeless elegance” forms a wonderfully suitable backdrop to the build-up to Christmas.

Project team:

Client: The Crown Estate & Regent Street Association
Lighting design: ACT Lighting Design – Koert Vermeulen, Julie Boniche, Cristina Martinez


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