20. May 2016

Think Tank 2015 – Lighting design in the urban realm.

Text: Jacinda Ross, Jenny Werbell

How can we identify and describe upcoming developments in the built environment and technology, in order to encourage purposeful and socially sound direction and development in the realm of lighting design?

During PLDC 2015 in Rome this past autumn, seven innovative leaders in architecture, lighting design, urban planning, and technology business models were brought together to formulate ideas addressing this question. What ensued was a full day conversation that identified and described the importance of enabling multidisciplinary design for the human experience in order to enable true innovation in the lighting design field. Participants agreed that designing for the human experience means taking control of the direction of the future, and creating a greater world for its inhabitants. The graphics summarize points of consideration that ultimately feed into four key themes, integral to driving lighting designers into the role of thought-leaders and innovators. To quote Riccardo Marini, “without light we are really screwed.” […]


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