04. Dec 2015

Good heavens!

Installation: Jun Ong
Photos: Ronaldas Buozis

The “Star” is a five-storey lighting installation in Butterworth/MAL designed by architect and light artist Jun Ong. It looks like something out of the novel “Stardust”. It is not what it appears to be, and actually serves to symbolise ongoing change.

On closer inspection, the installation reveals itself as being comprised of 500 metres of steel cables and LED strips. The twelve spikes on the star shape appear to be piercing through the ceilings and floors of an unfinished building. The cables holding the star in place are anchored to ground, slabs, cantilever beams and adjacent buildings. The five-storey concrete superstructure in which the gigantic star is lodged adopts a futuristic look and no longer looks so abandoned.

The installation was part of the 2015 Urban Xchange Festivals in Butterworth at the beginning of November, an event designed to demonstrate the creative potential of the town. The “Star” is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It is also an accumulation of digital and analogue irregularities, becoming a transient portal to a new dimension.

The spatial installation speculates on the future of Butterworth, connecting various existing dimensions on familiar terrains to unearth new relationships. “The Star” will remain installed for at least a year, after which the space will be used to host various community activities, events and art performances.


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