23. May 2016

A temporary public space for a religious festival near Kolkata/IND.

Client: Kishor Sangha Community
Designers: Abin Design Studio, Kolkata/IND

The Pavilion of Canopies was built to accommodate the activities of a religious festival for a tribal community that resides in the countryside west of Kolkata. The driving concept behind the design of the temporary public space was to celebrate tribal life, rituals and the symbiotic relationship with the forest in West Bengal.

A mandala-like plan of nineteen discs, each measuring ten feet in diameter, was laid out on a floor plan measuring a 60 feet in diameter. As a contrast to the grid-like symmetry, 38 sheets of undulating fabric were added to create a series of canopies within the pavilion designed to replicate the tangled vegetation of a forest.

As a further reference to surrounding nature, LED lights suspended between the sheets of fabric sought to subtly echo the spectacle of shooting stars. Handcrafted birds perched on the fabric canopies not only evoked the spirit of the forest but also provided local artisans with a source of additional income.

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