17. Jun 2016

International Design Competition for Thames bridges in London.

The Illuminated River Foundation of London will celebrate London’s famous river Thames through one of the most ambitious public art initiatives in Europe in recent years. The goal is to  provide London with a new, free, permanent attraction, allowing the public to enjoy the river, all day-round, and all year. The project will act as an exemplar, encouraging engagement with the latest green technologies.

The competition’s unique design challenge is to create an elegant and charismatic light art installation of world-class quality for London’s most celebrated bridges.

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The competition jury encourages fresh and interesting collaborations between artists, lighting designers, architects, engineers, technologists and others. The Foundation is searching for an inspired multi-disciplinary creative team with artistic vision and lighting expertise who can deliver this innovative and exciting project on time and without exceeding the budget.

Teams should be structured under a lead consultant identified within the submission with relevant skills and experience as described in the Search Statement. The competition jury encourages fresh and interesting collaborations between artists, lighting designers, architects, engineers, technologists and others – so additional skills may be proposed in your submission if you feel they are necessary.

The Brief covers architectural lighting (rather than operational lighting) and has two aspects. Firstly, a design masterplan for all 17 main road, rail and pedestrian bridges between Albert Bridge and Tower Bridge (including the proposed Nine Elms Bridge and Garden Bridge).

Secondly, a concept design lighting scheme addressing four individual bridges: Westminster, Waterloo, London and Chelsea and celebrating their unique qualities. These represent a sample of the bridge typologies within the overall masterplan.

An honorarium of £15,000 will be awarded to each of the shortlisted teams following selection of the winner.

The winning design team will be offered the commission to provide the detailed design of the full bridge installation (up to RIBA Stage 4) by the Foundation. The multiple bridge owners will assume responsibility for project delivery (with the selected design team retained to ensure design quality in delivery). The project will be phased with the first implementation phase expected to start in 2018 and the second in 2019-2020. For full details of the Brief, please see the Search Statement. To read about the second stage of the process, please see the draft Competition Conditions, provided for information only at the first stage.

To enter the competition, competitors will need to fill in the online form and upload two documents detailing their proposed team and experience. The deadline for this is 14:00 BST 7 July 2016.

Full details of the project and how to enter the competition are on the dedicated competition website or can be downloaded here.

The illuminated river

Please also read the comment by Joachim Ritter.

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Dies ist ein sehr interessantes System. Es wird ein Ausdruck von dem, was ist in der Architektur in den kommenden Jahren auf uns zu kommt. Ich bin sehr daran interessiert, in der es für den beleuchteten Fluss Wettbewerb Anwendung und Weiterentwicklung.
Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis.


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