11. Sep 2015

A three-dimensional sculptural installation made of light and tulle

Installation: Benjamin Shine
Photos: Developing Agents

“The Dance” is an installation designed by artist and fashion designer Benjamin Shine and incorporates light-footed ballet dancers and large-scale portraits, tulle and light. It was commissioned by the Canberra Centre complex in Canberra/AUS. The sculptural installation in the specially constructed gallery space features lengths of tulle, folded and draped, and backlit by concealed wall-washer lights. The Dance explores the idea of creativity as a powerful yet brief force, charged with passion and energy.

Constructed from over 2000 metres of tulle, each face and figure is created through a process of pleating, layering, compacting and hand-sewing the material into shape. Details of the faces and figures are revealed through the contrast created by the backlighting.

Following his studies in fashion design at The Surrey Institute of Art and Design and Central St Martins in London, Benjamin Shine has spent over a decade exploring the idea of light, colour and textile. Light plays a key role in his process of ‘painting with fabric’, creating depth and thus breathing life into his installations.

The Dance is on display until January 2016.


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