19. Jul 2009

Thoughts on the illumination of office spaces – past, present and future

Text: Paula Longato

The office environment as a place for carrying out mainly administrative work has been in existence for a very long time. It has undergone many changes in size and location within the city structure, and developed greatly in the last century thanks to different management theories. The latter gave shape to the space and dictated the functionality and friendliness of it. The driving forces behind the evolution of office buildings in modern times were always the maximization of profit and efficiency. Status, office organization and ecology were generally subordinate to this goal. With new building technologies, different ground plan solutions developed on both sides of the Atlantic. The differences that emerged in Europe and in the United States are dependent on the different building regulations, social-cultural differences and the situation regarding properties. [Cp to Hascher, 2002] Examples of office buildings from the last century can be categorized into three types, based on the ground plans. Offices that are:
1. arranged around a central corridor
2. arranged around a central atrium
3. arranged around a central room.
These three types are repeatedly seen either alone or in combination. This categorization depends largely on the architectural design of the building. […]

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