23. Sep 2015

Digital fireflies

Installation and photos: Neon Golden

Firefles (Lampyridae) glow like stars, like tiny lanterns lighting up the darkness. Austrian arts collective Neon Golden created an immersive light installation that was inspired by and mimics the movements of fireflies. It bore the name “Swarm” and glowed red and warm, creating a wonderful backdrop for photos at the Olympus Photography Playground in Vienna/A.

The light art installation was accompanied by mysterious sounds, designed to underscore the experience. Visitors walking through the installation attracted the swarm of digital fireflies which danced delightfully in the forest of cables.

A total of 1920 sparkling LEDs were suspended from the ceiling in the 260 square metre darkened space on cables of various lengths. A series of motion sensors enabled the digital fireflies to interact as a swarm. Between the interaction phases the man-made Lampyridae danced autonomously according to an algorithmic composition.

The fireflies are a key feature in the three-dimensional space and actually add a fourth dimension: real-time social interaction.


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