06. Feb 2015

Dancing reflections on an historic plaza

Photos: Callum Andrews and Oly Begg

“Street Light Disco” was a temporary installation that reinvents the Sydney street banners in Martin Place in the heart of the central business district of Australia’s most populous city. The installation was designed by the team from Office Feuerman, the idea being to encourage passers-by to pause a while and enjoy the public space and the new sensory experience generated by the dancing reflections.

A total of 23 banners, handmade from thin reflective material adhered to fabric, moved naturally in the wind. During the daytime, the banners reflected sunlight, giving rise to fascinating reflections on the paving and the surrounding historic architecture. When the sun went down two colour-changing RGB LED spots were focussed on each of the banners. The coloured reflections added interest and magic to the charming but otherwise uneventful historic plaza after dark.

 Project team:

Client: City of Sydney, as part of Art & About Sydney
Art installation: Office Feuerman – William Feuerman, Endriana Audisho


Office Feuerman: Street Light Disco from Office Feuerman on Vimeo.

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