18. Sep 2015

It´s selfie time

Photos: BAT Studio

A smartphone and the right lighting conditions – press the button and there you have it – your 21st century digital self-portrait, known worldwide as a “selfie”. Commissioned by the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC, the architects from Between Art and Technology (BAT) Studios have raised the selfie to a new level, however – with Straylight. The Straylight installation incorporates real mirrored selfies in a “Giant Rotating Kaleidoscope Selfie Mirror Vortex Tunnel”. The combination of the myriad reflections of the people in the tunnel, combined with those of the surroundings, are nothing less than dizzying.

After dark the specular selfie tunnel achieves a stunning mirror ball effect. Straylight comprises 72 mirrored boxes that form 432 surfaces, creating a tunnel of rotating mirrors.  Carefully positioned spotlights enhance the visual experience. Visitors in the mirror tunnel are given a HTC phone with which to interact. The phone runs a custom control app to allow visitors to control the direction and speed of the tunnel’s rotation.

Over the coming months Straylight is due to be exhibited in various locations.


Project team:

Client: HTC
Architects: BAT Studio
Production consultant: Secret Productions
Software development: The Workers
Structural engineering: Momentum
Lighting solution: Rockin Horse
Steel fabrication: Steel Monkey
Mirror fabrication: Smart Group
Client representative: MAMA


Straylight at Lovebox 2015 from BAT Studio on Vimeo.

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