17. Dec 2014

Twinkle, twinkle …

Photos: Artemide

Fairy lights and colourful decorations are as much a part of the Christmas season in the Western world as plum pudding and mulled wine. But why is light a key feature of Christmas decorations? As early as the 17th century, Christian noblemen were known to decorate their Christmas trees with tiny candles. Thomas Edison invented electric candles around 1880, and a few years later his colleague Edward Johnson came up with the idea of strings of Christmas lights, which started people decorating their houses and gardens outside.

The Passagenviertel, a popular shopping district in Hamburg, recently received a modern interpretation of this tradition under the name of “Sternzauber” (Starry Magic). Strings of sparkling LED crystals – 7000 in all – make for a magical starry sky effect almost down to street level. The individual LEDs are controlled via DMX. The lighting installation incorporates what westerners wish for at Christmas: peace, a little bit of snow, and a large portion of magic.

Project team

Client: BID Passagenviertel
Lighting design concept: Schlotfeldt Licht, Hamburg
Detailed planning: Artemide
Realisation: Luminar Hamburg


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