04. Aug 2016

Focussed and planar lighting, with indirect component

The design of the Dime LED is clearly unusual. The luminaire features impressive efficiency ratings and delivers first-class lighting quality. No disturbing scallops, no mulitple shadows and no lighting overlaps. Just perfect vertical illumination. This is thanks to the innovative Square Optics technology, which guarantees square light distribution coupled with maximum luminous efficacy at minimum light loss.


Each of the light-emitting diodes is fitted with its own lens to allow precise control of the light. Light loss is reduced to a minimum. The lens focusses the light by means of total internal reflection, minimising light loss and maximising luminous efficacy. The square form of the luminaire delivers square light distribution, enabling energy-optimised lighting pursuant to the standards. The pendant version now features special Regent lens optics for wide-beam indirect lighting, thus achieving a perfect spread of light across the ceiling – even when mounted in rows.


• ultra-flat pendant luminaire (25 mm incl. control gear)

• direct and planar lighting from one source, indirect component 10 % or 30 %, wide beam

• perfect vertical lighting of walls from floor to ceiling

• simple to design with thanks to the square light distribution

• luminous flux of up to 6000 lm at UGR < 16

• colour tolerances MacAdam 2


Photos: Regent Lighting


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