Text: Richard Zarytkiewicz

26. Feb 2016

How our understanding and vision of light has evolved through the ages

Our vision of light and lighting has a history which can be described through the reading of its representations through ages or cultures. Cultural experience as a basis for defining the quality of light.

The lighting designer’s vision of light is part of the process of designing the lighting project. It is the result of a synthesis of the respective designer’s observations and cultural experience coupled with his own professional knowledge and practice within architectural spaces and the addition of artistic appeal. This synthesis of impressions and experience draws its contents from the individual plus a collective memory of light impressions punctuated with milestones which have been transmitted to us, or even precisely documented and described, throughout the history of related disciplines: architectural lighting, theatre lighting, painting, movies, and photography. That is why teaching lighting design does not only mean talking in terms of scientific, architectural, behaviourial and technological knowledge or project management: It should also incorporate sharing the impressions we have of light. And it is not easy to relate a perception of light to other people. To understand light, you need to become aware of your own understanding of light. […]


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