30. Jun 2016

Light art installation in Porto

The sun is our most important resource, the core of our life, and also of the activities and pursuits of a lighting designer. When the sun rises in the morning we know planet earth is still turning and life goes on. The art collective Moradavaga, comprising Manfred Eccli from Italy and Pedro Cavaco Leitão from Portugal, have created an art installation in Porto that is shaped like the sun, and enables people to interact with the golden light. A homage to the sun.


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Following an invitation from Porto Lazer to rethink São João’s popular “Cascata de São João” event in honour of the city’s patron saint, Moradavaga took inspiration from the water wheel we know from traditional water mills, and linked it to the old pagan cult of sun worship, developing a site-specific interactive art piece to install in the fountain on Porto’s main avenue. The rotation of the eight-metre diameter “sun-wheel”, which is made of hundreds of small golden moving plates, gives rise to continuously changing effects day and night that develop as a result of wind speed, natural lighting conditions, and movement instigated by passers-by – all reflected in the mirror of water in the fountain pool.

SUNWHEEL from Moradavaga on Vimeo.

Design concept: Moradavaga in collaboration with Rossana Ribeiro and Myrto Lantza
Production: Euphoric Generation Unipessoal, Lda
Structure: Radical e Positivo Unipessoal, Lda
Logistics: Catari Portugal, Lda
Partner: Cavaco & Coquet, Lda


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