14. Jul 2016

Valextra concession at Harrods, London/UK

Valextra is an aspiring brand of luxury leather goods and accessories based in Milan, Italy. Founded in 1937, the brand has been going through a process of re-establishing itself after acquiring an investor in 2013. The company is now planning to open new shops and boutiques within larger stores all over the world.



In the space designed by Adjaye Associates for the concession at Harrods in London David Adjaye combines Valextra craftsmanship, which dates back 80 years, with innovation. A key feature of the boutique set-up are the rough, “pleated” concrete walls. The leather goods are displayed in lit pockets which appear to be cut randomly into the crinkle-cut surfaces. Harsh concrete meets soft skin, which has been treated and turned into high-quality leather.



Lines of light at floor level make it look as if the heavy grey walls are floating and generate an overall impression of lightness and elegance, while recessed directional spotlights focus light onto the concrete pleats, generating a striking interplay of light and shadow. A central monolith made of the same material displays trays of smaller items across its stepped top. These are accentuated discreetly from above. The light applied is not warm, but comes across as being rather cool on the grey concrete surfaces – an interesting contrast to the coloured leather goods.

A solid concept for a soft design.


Photos: Ed Reeve

Architekt: David Adjaye; Adjaye Associates, London/UK



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