17. Oct 2014

Efficient fashion

Design und Photos: CuteCircuit

What is likely to steer the fashion of the future? Are we all going to look the same and wear uniforms? The “Smart Textiles” designed by CuteCircuit sport one very unique feature: the blend of textile and light. The clothes they design are futuristic and look like something out of a science-fiction world. By enabling a wide range of colours and patterns to be downloaded onto the fabric each and every garment has the chance to become highly individual.

Through nanotechnology textiles for trousers, skirts and tops can be coated with particles of silver or gold to become conductive fabrics, which can be used instead of wires. Thousands of tiny micro LEDs can be woven into such fabrics to create garments that can be controlled to change pattern or colour instantly via a smart phone.

The changing light patterns not only make for an individual look. Using LED technology for this kind of application also helps save resources: one garment can serve as a whole series of garments. Now, if that’s not efficient!


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