29. Oct 2014

A walk-in pink amoeba

Architect: Marc Fornes – Theverymany
Sound design: Jana Winderen
Photos: Miguel-De-Guzmán, Marc Fornes Theverymany

The French architect Marc Fornes designed “Situation Room” – an installation made up of thin perforated aluminium panels – which at first glance looks like a huge pink amoeba. The structure is illuminated from the inside by bright white light, which makes the pink powder coating look near-florescent. A visitor entering the walk-in installation triggers the lighting and the sounds designed by artist Jana Winderen. “Situation Room” can be experienced until 21. November in the “Storefront for Art and Architecture” in New York City/USA.

The “Situation Room” was created by combining twenty spherical shapes into a continuous curving membrane using boolean mathematics. The result is a bulbous network of passageways, apertures and tunnels made from 2000 unique parts. The lamps mounted inside the sinuous object radiate cool white light, radiating out through the small holes in the shell and creating dappled patterns of light and shadow across the surfaces of the room. Presence detectors bring the installation to life as soon as anyone enters or goes near it.

The site specific work reflects upon the contemporary conditions that exist within the built environment that surrounds us, specifically the adaptation of virtual elements into the physical realm. The immersive light, shadow and sound experience activates the senses.


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