25. May 2016

Innovative luminaire

A unique affinity for details and depth of quality, innovative technologies and unmistakable design are the hallmarks of products from both companies: Occhio and Audi Industrial Design, a team led by André Georgi that is dedicated to creative product concepts. Together they have applied their solid know-how in LED technology, the quality of light and design to develop a new luminaire concept.

Sintesi is an innovative modular system which reinterprets light and luminaire completely. The LED technology that Audi uses for its headlights can be rediscovered in the Sidelight version. The Zoom version incorporates adjustable lens optics for precise focussing. Typical Occhio features such as three-dimensional mobility and gesture control are likewise part of the futuristic design. Sintesi is due to be launched in 2017.

Design: Audi Industrial Design



Occhio_cooperation with Audi Industrial Design_Sintesi_Sidelight_3

Occhio_cooperation with Audi Industrial Design_Sintesi_Zoom_1

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