16. Oct 2015

Shuffle the future

With the current trajectory of urbanisation and citybuilding, the challenge of offering a sense of safety and well-being as well as infrastructure services to more and more citizens while taking into account financial and environmental factors is huge. A people-centered approach is necessary for creating better living spaces. In this context, Schréder is launching the Shuffle – a solution that will play a pivotal role in supporting the managers of public and privately-managed spaces to engage people with their environments, creating social cohesion, boosting local trade and fostering civic pride. Much more than a lighting column, the Shuffle connects people to their social environment. It can integrate control systems, loudspeakers, surveillance cameras, hotspots, electrical vehicle chargers, signage and a lot of other features to make people feel truly at home. Up to five modules can be integrated into each column to suit the specific needs of the environment.


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