25. Sep 2014

Foyer in the Skylight building in Frankfurt/D

Client: Deka Immobilien GmbH, Frankfurt-on-Main
Lighting design: MAASS-Licht
Architect: Richard Rogers Partnership
Interior architect: Clivia Bauer Innenarchitektur + Design
Art installation: Atelier Gaulbier
Photos: Lukas Jappsen for MAASS-Licht

Light, lightness and a sense of floating…
The foyer in the Skylight office building in Frankfurt/D is bright, friendly and definitely light and airy. The latter is due to the series of oval suspended ceilings, which are further supported by pillars throughout the space and appear to be floating on diffuse lines of light. The lighting marks the zones within the white lobby and thus also guides visitors through the space. Two elements lend the foyer a discreet touch of colour: an illuminated blue and white art installation on one wall, and a series of reflective panes of glass in the complementary colours cobalt blue and orange, which separate the bistro area from the lobby space.

The lighting design supports the interior architect’s goal to create flowing lines. Besides downlights for general lighting, cove lighting at ceiling and floor level define the reception, café and lounge area. These cove lighting elements underscore striking architectural elements and highlight the three-dimensional quality of the interior architecture.

The lobby radiates a feeling of spaciousness.


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