Project team:

Client: Lagares Produccions de Disseny, Girona/E
Architects: RCR Arquitectes, Girona/E
Lighting design: Artec3 – Maurici Ginés, José De Jesús Gonzalez, Giacomo Damato, José María Deza Dacal, Barcelona/E


Products applied:

Track-mounted Tubular Spot, Troll;
60 watt 12 volt Halospot QR 111 Eco, narrow beam, Osram

05. May 2013

Sea of shadows
The “heart-wrenching” beauty of minimalism:
a prime example of a neuroaesthetic approach

Text: Joachim Ritter
Photos: Hisao Suzuki

There are times when it seems impossible to talk about a lighting installation because it appears to be so utterly simple – so simple in fact that it is heart-wrenchingly beautiful. The fact that we are lost for words shows that there is actually no reason to comment at all, or by trying to capture an impression in words we would not do the beauty of the work justice. In such cases, we just succumb to beauty, rely on our powers of perception and enjoy. I am talking about the kind of projects which, if one was to calculate one’s design fee according to the number of products applied, would never be realised. But reducing everything to a minimum is not the equivalent of creating something aesthetic. Even minimalism requires structure and a concept.

The Lagares showroom in Olot/E is a prime example of the science of neuroaesthetics, which is based on the principles that define how aesthetics impact us. It is also a prime example of the equally ranked importance of darkness and light, and the balanced use of light and shadow. There is little that could demonstrate the meaning and differences between these polar opposites than this lighting design masterpiece.
Lagares produccions de Disseny S.L was founded in 1918 as a carpenter’s workshop and has gone through a number of transformations to become what they are today: a company specialized in handling solid surface materials, and a leader in the field of bathroom design. Many of their products are designed together with renowned architects’ firms. The corporate philosophy is centred around responsibility towards the environment, which is why they try to reduce harmful effects to the environment which could be caused through modes of operation and the disposal of waste. […]


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