01. Jun 2017

“Alumine” – a light art installation that changes people’s understanding of proportion.

Text: Jo-Eike Vormittag
Photos: Tilt

Tiny creatures such as insects, regardless of in which part of the world, have a key advantage when it comes to flowers. Thanks to their size, or rather proportions in comparison to the flowers they “visit”, they can come a lot closer to the beauty of flowers than we humans can. They can perch on or beneath the flowers, and lose themselves in the fragrance, colour and splendour of the natural beauties.

This is where the team of designers from “Tilt” step in and try to provide some help through the creation of the light art installation “Alumine”. The seven-metre high and five-metre wide flower structures made of aluminium, iron and wood are so large and charming that we humans can actually sit down underneath them. They are designed to reveal their artistic appeal over the course of the day thanks to natural light, and after dark through electric light. The aluminium that the stems, blossoms and petals are made of reflects the sunlight and casts shadows. The lines that trace the form of the flower sculptures are underscored by light. At dusk, three RGB LED spotlights illuminate each one from the stem upwards to the blossom. The flowers seem to become more alive, each one assuming a different colour only to change to another wonderful hue a few seconds later. Further LEDs mounted at the end of each of the swirling petal shapes outline the full blossom in all its glory.

Given the change of perspective that evolves through the changed proportions – people can actually sit on the benches that encircle the stems of each flower sculpture – the observer gains an unusual view into the sparkling, contorted and colourful array of blossoms that form a kind of roof overhead. The interplay of sculpture and light briefly transports those present into a moment of magic.



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