26. Feb 2016

Infinite light in the smallest of spaces

Installation and photos: Gabriel Pulecio

“Saturn Submerged” was designed by Gabriel Pulecio, a Colombian artist based in Brooklyn, New York. It comprises a cube-shaped glass showcase that contains unending patterns of light. These generate kaleidoscopic effects that appear to be practically incidental. Added to this is the illusion of endless depth.


The floor of the glass box measures 25 by 25 centimetres. It is 38 centimetres high with addressable LEDs mounted in the top and floor of the small cube. The LEDs are DMX-controlled and can be adjusted individually. The tiny light sources are programmed to continuously change in randomized combinations of almost infinite colours and sequences based on several variables. The sculptured form in the centre of the floor of the box is composed of a convex mirrored dome. The multiple mirrored surfaces and LEDs fuse to create the illusion of infinite depth and imagery.

The artist himself is fascinated by the power of light to transform objects and bend reality. “Saturn Submerged” is one of an ongoing series of infinite boxes, each one creating an expanded infinite space within itself.


SATURN SUBMERGED from Gabriel Pulecio / LUSTIX on Vimeo.

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