12. Dec 2014

An abstract bamboo forest made of light

Photos: Seiryo Yamada

The lighting installation at Arashiyama Station comprises a total of six hundred 2.1-metre high transparent luminous columns arranged over an area of 3000 square metres. The railway station is located in the centre of Arashiyama, Kyoto/J, a natural region and tourist attraction with many parks and lakes. The installation was inspired by a bamboo forest with a path running through it, a place where people go to find peace of mind and to feel good. These are the qualities that the abstract bamboo forest was to radiate and communicate – through hand-dyed Yusen kimono cloth in the daytime and soft, intimate lighting after dark: designed to impress station users and passers-by, but also underscoring the functionality of the station as a transport facility. The project-specific columns are made of weather-proof acrylic glass, inside which translucent Kimono cloth in 32 different colourful patterns is mounted. The LEDs installed inside the columns are programmed to provide soft light.

The lighting installation makes for a friendly atmosphere in and around the station after dark, a clear reference to a bamboo forest. That said, bamboo forests are a fresh green colour in the original, which is why such forests generate such a peaceful and calming atmosphere. The colourful patterns tend to add an element of surprise and excitement to the station.

Project team:

Client: Keifuku Electric Railroad Co.,Ltd
Designers/architects: Glamorous – Yasumichi Morita, Takuma Inoue, Jun Takeda


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