12. Nov 2014

A flagship store that thrives on diversity, elegance and a touch of drama

Photos: Adrian Haddad

Qela is a luxury fashion store located on The Pearl, a man-made island in Doha, Qatar/UAE. It is the first in a series of fashion boutiques planned by the Qatar Luxury Group. The Qela brand combines up-market fashion with the exhibition of art works. The 750 square metre boutique extends over two floors. The challenge for the lighting designers from dpa Lighting Design was to combine lighting solutions for the designer clothes and luxury goods on display and for the art works, and at the same time to create a luxurious and intimate atmosphere.

Dimmable cove lighting accentuates the curtains that line certain sections of the walls on both floors. The art work on the walls and the fashion on display are highlighted by luminaires that can be focused and adjusted using handheld remote controllers. The central atrium is lit from the first floor ceiling. This indirect component, together with the circumferential cove lighting and the ceiling recessed downlights on both floors, provides the ambient lighting in the store. The lighting solutions are highly diverse and give rise to clearly legible zones. In the fitting rooms, over the mirror and podium, is a backlit ceiling feature with dimmable and tunable white light. This allows the customers to view themselves in either simulated daylight (cool white light) or in warm white light when trying on evening wear.

All in all, the boutique makes for a luxurious, opulent and yet somehow homey atmosphere. The lighting plays a significant role in creating the extravagantly unusual layered space.

Project team:

Client: Qatar Luxury Group (QLG)
Lighting design: dpa Lighting Design – Gary Campbell and Tommaso Gimigliano

Products supplied by:

RCL, Ecosense, Lucent, Cube, Sub-Zero Lighting, Lumino, Lutron


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