10. Feb 2016

Landscaped sky

Photos: Shen Qiang

“Pulling the Sky” is a fashion store in the Chongqing World Financial Center in Chongqing/RC. The space is unique because nothing appears to be standing on the floor. By hanging everything from the ceiling the floor space is rendered free for customers to circulate and be inspired by the garments and accessories on display. The prime feature of the interior design concept is an attractive, overhanging ceiling construction made of translucent fibreglass material. The result: a charming undulating landscape of warm white light.


Downlights have been mounted on the ceiling between the over 10,000 different shaped fibreglass strips. A series of mirror walls give the impression that the 180 square metre space is endless. As a contrast to the translucent ceiling construction dark recycled timber has been used for the flooring and wall surfaces. Simple cubic volumes covered with soft grey felt are the only furniture in the store. They serve as seating elements, product displays and the cash desk, and also appear to float given that the furniture legs are concealed beneath the respective element.

Project team:

Client: Chongqing Xingjun Trade Pty Ltd.
Architects: 3GATTI
Lead architect: Francesco Gatti
Project manager: Valentina Brunetti
Team: Carole Chan Liat, Cianan Alexander Crowley, YingLing Kong, Bogdan Chipara, Jovan Kocic, Pao Yee Lim
Contractor: Zhao YiLong


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