Project team:

Client (Initiative, Funding & Management): Solidere, Beirut/RL
Lighting design: Light Cibles – Louis and Emmanuel Clair, Paris/F
Multimedia design: DIAP – Gérard Harlay Paris/F
Installer and fixture developer: Mamari Fréres/Lampo Middle East, Beirut/RL


Products applied:

Profile HD IP65 1200 watt G22, Lampo, Mantova/I

05. Apr 2012

The urban stage
Permanent projection art in the public realm in Beirut/LB

Text: Lara El Hashem
Photos: Light Cibles

As part of its continuous initiative to develop Beirut’s city centre, Solidere, a Lebanese private company for the development and reconstruction of Beirut Central District, launched Lighting Beirut Architecture in June 2011. This is the first project to involve the illumination of a large urban area using permanent image projections. The team working on the project comprised French-based design studio Light Cibles, image projection and multimedia design specialists DIAP France, and Lampo Middle East.

The historical centre of Beirut contains a number of hidden treasures. In the heart of the downtown area that was devastated by the war, beautiful buildings of all the ages and styles have been renovated with care and restored to their ancient splendour. Solidere has involved Lebanese and international experts from every cultural field to restore Beirut’s impressive architectural legacy and integrate it with the contemporary structures inherent to a lively modern-day capital. Against this backdrop of growth and renovation, the team of lighting designers from Light Cibles was commissioned to develop a new night-time image for the Beirut Central District. They were approached for their experience in the lighting of historical buildings, the attention they pay to preserving the integrity of the daytime image of the facade and their careful choice of innovative and suitable technologies.
In the initial phase the project involved around 30 buildings located along a special heritage trail designed by Solidere to link the most remarkable places in downtown Beirut. In order to achieve the ambitious concept taking shape in the minds of the designers, Light Cibles contacted DIAP with a view to enriching the project through their expertise in the field of artistic multimedia. The result of this collaboration is an outstanding scheme. The project is based on the projection of largescale images onto the selected façades from the top roofs of the buildings on the opposite side of the street. To date the art of projection has really only been applied in advertising, events and shows. Installations are generally temporary, which is why the fixtures used for such applications have not been designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. This project marks the first time in history that lighting projections have been installed as a permanent large-scale scheme using a versatile, hard-wearing system. This is the result of a year’s brainstorming with Solidere and the design teams. […]

The full version of the article can be found in PLD No. 82.

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