24. Oct 2016

Coloured LEDs shine much more brightly with Active Diffuser Technology from OMC

OMC, the pioneer in optoelectronics, announces that it has developed a new proprietary technology that produces far richer, brighter LED emitters than traditional coloured LEDs. OMC’s Active Diffuser Technology will benefit applications such as status indication and signalling, as well as colour illumination applications such as mood lighting.

Active Diffuser Technology is a method which combines a blue LED chip with different coloured phosphor-based diffuser media on top of the LED chip to manipulate the light wavelength, producing more intense, richer red, amber and green LEDs.  The power output and efficiency of the emitters is comparable to blue gallium nitride based LEDs and the colours are richer than those of traditional LEDs because the output is made up of a wider spread of wavelengths, rather than a narrow peak.


As an additional benefit, the diffuser medium provides a more homogeneous output, eliminating the wire-bond and lead-frame shadows commonly seen in the beam pattern of standard LEDs.

“Normal red, yellow and green coloured LEDs currently on the market tend to use an aging chip technology which is falling behind that of newer colours such as blue and deep green in terms of efficiency.” said William Heath, OMC’s Commercial Director. “Our new Active Diffuser Technology makes a new generation of high output red, amber and green coloured LEDs available to designers to enhance the appearance and functionality of their latest products.”

Also OMS has launched a new range of surface-mount high-power ultra-violet and infra-red LED emitters. The high power SMD LED series is available in two package styles and suits a wide range of possible applications, including curing, data communications, inspection and sensing.

The very compact 3.5mm x 3.5mm High Power SMD LED device is available in both UV and IR types, with a number of integral lens options providing different output beam angles and a ceramic substrate giving enhanced thermal properties. The second package style in the series is the larger Multichip UV LED, measuring 6.8mm x 6.8mm. This 7W device offers very high power output and features a glass lens for superior reliability and extended product life.

A new series of extremely compact LED emitters measuring just a fraction of a millimetre across is being launched, too. OMC’s new Micro Series has been developed for use in indication and display applications on miniaturised or highly compact products which would normally be too small for conventional LEDs, in particular consumer electronics and digital products.

The smallest emitter in the Micro Series measures just 650 x 350 x 200 microns.  Despite their tiny footprint, the new Micro Series emitters have a very high output, comparable to traditional-sized ultrabright LEDs. The Micro Series includes blue, green and red emitters and the devices are in production now.


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