09. Jan 2015

Magical light, sound and colour effects

Photos: James Brittain

The immersive light art installation “Prismatica”, which comprises 50 pivoting prisms, is currently transforming Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles, a district in the eastern part of the city, into a light experience extraordinaire. The lighting installation was designed by Raw Design Architects together with the lighting design team from Atomic3 and is part of the annual Luminothérapie light festival. By day, the prisms sparkle and shimmer in natural light, giving rise to a wealth of colourful kaleidoscopic light effects. After dark the countless colour effects are produced with the aid of electric light. Constantly changing light and colour reflections are generated when visitors interact with the installation, filling the square with magic. The polychromatic effects are accompanied by music and sound effects.

The prisms, measuring two metres tall, are made of polycarbonate panels laminated with a dichroic film. The prisms are mounted on concrete bases onto which projectors and loudspeakers are fixed. The giant prisms are illuminated from within and accompanied by an ambient soundtrack. The prisms can be turned by visitors to the site. In addition, the installation is lit from above by the existing lighting for the square. Depending on the angle of view and the degree of interaction, exciting new light and colour effects arise.

The installation is on display in Montreal, Canada until 2. February.

Project team:

Architects: Raw Design
Lighting design: ATOMIC3


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