08. Jan 2016

A new interpretation of an old tradition

Renderings and model: BXBstudio – Bogusław Barnaś

“I believe that architecture in general should be closely linked with man and nature with reference to place, history and tradition”, says architect Bogusław Barnaś, founder of BXBstudio.

Wooden churches in the southern part of Lesser Poland are regarded as outstanding examples of historic sacred buildings, the oldest one dating back to the 14th century. The team of Polish architects from BXBstudio have created a model to demonstrate the idea of transforming a traditional timber building into unique, modern architectural design. Although their unusual design concept for the sacred building is based on both wood and stone as building materials, the impression gained of the interior is that of a series of crevices in a rock face which allow daylight to filter through into the space.


The natural light that determines the atmosphere inside the church is subtly filtered through the timber beams that form the roof, generating impressive chiaroscuro effects throughout the nave. The model of the church is based on the log house construction system, but rotated through 90 degrees – turned on its side – and using minimalist materials (wood and stone). The monumental altar wall, which would originally have formed the floor, is made of stone and features a cross-shaped cut-out, through which light penetrates the interior, enhances the mystical atmosphere and attracts attention to the sanctuary. The main doors take the form of traditional roofs covered in wood shingles.

The convincing use of daylight supports the concept for a sacred building that emanates a calm, spiritual atmosphere. The minimalist design makes for clear structure and lends the traditional Polish Log House a modern flair, reinventing historical design by turning a spotlight on its relevance in contemporary architecture.


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