19. Nov 2014

Colourful reflections to fire the imagination

Art installation and photos: Ray King Studio Ltd – Ray King

“Point of View”, a huge art installation designed by American artist Ray King, is currently installed in the Xinzhuang Joint Office Tower government building in New Taipei. The semi cone-shaped installation, which features dichroic glass developed by NASA, extends over two storeys in the spacious entrance hall. Sunlight penetrating the building during the day is reflected by the dichroic glass elements and gives rise to beautiful and fascinating coloured light effects. Depending on the position of the sun and the angle of view of the observer the light and colour effects change. After dark the installation is illuminated by a series of programmable LED luminaires – to an equally charming effect.

The 22-metre wide and eight-metre high installation comprises a network of stainless steel cables onto which evenly spaced dichroic glass elements have been mounted. King’s goal is to incorporate the light phenomena – in particular reflections – into his art works and, in this case, to use the way light interacts with glass and metal to project into the surrounding spaces. His art pieces are designed to amaze, inspire, and challenge the viewer’s imagination. He has certainly managed it here.

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