22. Nov 2016

“Light Field II” in Beşiktaş, Istanbul/TR

Text: Jo-Eike Vormittag


Whether you are referring to mighty lines penned by famous poets from days gone by, or modern poetry written by ink slingers who are still alive and kicking – expressing the meaning of poetry can vary considerably. Presented boldly, read out quietly, sung loudly, painted artistically, performed as if on stage, moulded like the remake of a film, or delivered as an alternative interpretation: to each his own, as they say. And it is this very freedom to opt for one way or the other to (literally) spread the word that lends poetry its inimitable charm. The words flow together generating the poetic power, intertwining with every syllable, with every line, to create the melodious melody of the profound poetic statement.


“Light Field II” designed by Praxis Landscape and installed in Şairler Parkı (‘Park of Poets’) in the Beşiktaş district in Istanbul also aims to express the meaning of poetry. The town park with its wonderful old trees is dedicated to historically famous poets from the region and their poetic heritage. Statues of the poets are to be found throughout the landscaped park. A special feature of the park is that it is open to visitors at night and is therefore not so isolated as other spaces in the public realm after dark. The “Light Field II” installation, which comprises over 100 luminous polycarbonate spheres, is inspired by these very features: this is where enlightening poetry meets the enlivened darkness of the night. While lines from the poems engraved on stone tablets positioned next to the statues depicting their authors are read by poetry fans, the luminous spheres provide an abstract reflection of the verses through dynamic sound and light. They are mounted on the ground and equipped with a fibre optic system that glows when the light source is switched on – either all together or in groups. The optical fibres inside the spheres were arranged by hand, intertwined randomly to fill the space.


This installation is an example of what it can look like when you try to depict lines of verse, and their metrical and rhyme schemes, in an abstract fashion. In this case, using soft, rounded forms, and above all light, which weaves its way discreetly through the spheres. These become a series of tiny islands of light, together eventually forming a meaningful whole. Like the individual’s mood and perception when s/he comes into contact with poetry. Poetic art becomes light art.

Lichtdesign: Praxis Landscape


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