Project team:

Architects: Carmody Groarke, London/UK
Lighting design: Graham Rollins, Lighting Design International, London/UK
Electrical engineering: Martin O’Toole Electrical


Products applied:

Cold cathode lighting: ACDC
Colour-changing LEDs: Philips Solid State Lighting
Underwater LEDs: Philips
LED steplights: Light Graphix
Downlights: Lucent Lighting
IP downlights: Cube Lighting/John Cullen Lighting
Fibre optics in Jacuzzi: Universal Fibre Optics
Floodlights: Kreon
Uplights in the pool: Mike Stoane Lighting

16. Jun 2009

Country house in Ireland

Text: David Müller
Photos: CJM

“At twilight, nature is not without loveliness, though perhaps its chief use is to illustrate quotations from the poets.” The Irish are a nation of nature-lovers – they even love the mild but moist climate that dictates the pattern of life on the Green Isle. But quotations such as the above from Oscar Wilde (1854 to 1900) demonstrate that the Celts also see an association between light and poetry. The Irish dramatist, novelist and poet loved all things that are special and extravagant. A fine example is incorporated into a refurbishment project by an Irish businessman living in the west of the country. He has had a private spa built in the basement of his Victorian country house – his own personal piece of Ireland, born of nature and poetry. The wellness area combines striking architectural forms with a lighting design concept that touches you to the core.

The client, a businessman from Ireland, is on the road a lot and probably spends more time in hotels than within his own four walls. Two years ago he therefore decided to make his nineteenth century family house more individual and special. He wanted it to be bigger. He wanted it to be more attractive. And he wanted to have a private residential spa in the basement that was beyond compare. The architecture of the original building is typically Victorian: clearly structured and discreetly ornate. Charming indeed, but not charming enough for its owner to be able to feel entirely at home inside its wonderful walls. The owner commissioned a local architect to design an extension to the house. The extension was aligned to the existing historical building fabric with the result practically doubling the living space. The furniture and design of the upper floors likewise have a clearly 19th century air. The owner is a great admirer of the architecture and culture of this period and is proud to call the place his home. In spring 2007, he commissioned London architects Carmody Groarke and lighting designer Graham Rollins from Lighting Design International to create a wellness area in his basement, a place where he could relax and regenerate between business trips and appointments. […]


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