03. Dec 2014

Wins FX Award

Pico Zoom variable beam LED mini-spotlight system has won 2014 FX International Interior Design Award for Best Lighting Product. Pico Zoom was designed by Precision Lighting’s Peter McLelland. The awards judges called it ‘a beautifully engineered and compact fitting, every functional detail of which has been meticulously thought through.’ Pico Zoom is widely specified for museum and retail display lighting. The Pico Zoom range includes the S1 Zoom and Pico Zoom Surface. The long stemmed S1 Zoom is ideal for gallery picture lighting and the Pico Zoom Surface makes cabinet display lighting truly adaptable. Surface, track and monopoint versions are available, typically delivering a lumen package of 125lm at 1.6W. The Zoom optic is available for all Pico spotlights and varies beam widths between 12o and 30o using a linear slide mechanism.


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